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The Vice Chairman KE Mingcai of The Youth Committee of Returned Overseas Chinese of Shandong Province, special activities on poverty alleviation donations
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On the afternoon of March 27, the Shandong Committee of CPPCC, the ACFROC, Chairman of the YCROC, Vice-Chairman of Federation of Industry and Commerce and Chairman Liu Aili of HK Fufengnian Group a group of seven peoples came to Chengwu to visit and investigate. The research team participated in the special activities on poverty alleviation donations held by Mr. KE Mingcai vice Chairman of YCROC.
Mr. Ke Mingcai is full of love for the countryside and education. He has purchased more than RMB$30,000 of school supplies and practical books, and donated to the children and bookstores of poor families in Songwancun. The children were delighted to receive new bags and stationery, and the villagers were moved by Mr. Ke’s love. Song Wenjian secretary of the Party branch of Songwancun, said in the thank-you note: Donations originate from sincerity, and care is priceless. There are still many poor households in Songwancun. The two village committees must work hard and make the villagers get rid of poverty as soon as possible and return the loved ones
Mr. Ke Mingcai has established the Meisen (Shandong) Wood Limited and the Dasen (Heze)Biomass Energy Limited since Chengwu Investment in 2010. After 8 years of entrepreneurship, it has become the industry leader and pillar industry of Chengwu. Mr. Ke did not forget to give back to the society, and donated more than RMB 2 million to social charities, disabled people, public welfare projects, and Corporate poverty alleviation to help the poor. Every year, the company carries out warm activities for poor families, low-income families, and nursing homes. It has already funded more than 600 poor students to complete their studies.
After the re-election of the third session of The Youth Committee of Returned Overseas Chinese, Mr. Ke Mingcai was elected as the Executive Vice Chairman. He actively performed his duties, strictly followed chairman’s requirements to design special events. In addition to donating RMB 30,000 worth of items in Songwancun, He also undertook the team of the 9-member went to Chengwu to participate in the activities for 2 days of accommodation and vehicle costs of more than RMB 10,000.
Chairman Liu Aili, Vice Chairman Da Qing, Yang Dong, Chairman Li Xing Bao, Specialist Zhang Yao and the Secretary general participated in this special event.
Jin Haiyan, Li Lulu, Zhu Kunpeng, Chen Chengxu, Huo Taifu, Zhang Lianjun, Zhou Maoxi, Dang Songyin, Li Xinmin also witnessing the donation
The Chengwu media reported Ms. Liu Aili’s visited Mr. Ke Mingcai’s company. They also discuss the enterprise development with Cui Xuexue secretary and other relevant departments.
Mr. Ke Mingcai also accompanied Mr. Yang Dong to participate in the donation activities of peasant painters.