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Won The 2017 National Key Forestry Leading Enterprise
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According to the notice of ﹤the Third Batch of National Key Forestry Leading Enterprises list﹥of the State Forestry Administration, 124 companies such as Dasen (Heze) Biomass Energy Co., Ltd. were identified as the third batch of national key forestry enterprises.
The national key forestry leading enterprises are the leaders of the structural reform of the forestry supply side, the demonstrators of modern forestry development, and the important microeconomic entities that exert the forestry ecological, social and economic benefits in the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics. The development and modernization of forestry plays an important role in promoting the transformation and upgrading of the forestry industry, regional economic development and increasing farmers' income.
Mr. Ke Mingcai, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Dasen (Heze) Biomass Energy Co., Ltd., and Mr. Zhang Ayang, the legal person, proposed in the 2018 award-winning meeting that enterprises should follow the guidance of the State Forestry Administration and firmly establish the development concept of innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing. New changes in economic development, nurturing new kinetic energy, strengthening innovation drive and brand building, providing more abundant and better quality forest products to the society; strengthening resource conservation and clean production measures, using and recycling forest resources efficiently, and promoting green development; Gradually extend the industrial chain, improve the level of intensive processing and added value, accelerate industrial agglomeration, and promote the transformation and upgrading of the forestry industry; strengthen social responsibility awareness, law-abiding management, and integrity management, and establish a profit linkage mechanism with forest farmers while improving their own Forest farmers income.
The State Forestry Administration has pointed out that the competent forestry authorities at all levels should strengthen guidance to key national forestry leading enterprises, provide services in planning, technology, and information, and provide policy support in base construction, forest land use, and forestry financial and financial insurance. It is necessary to actively coordinate relevant departments and implement a series of support policies of the central government to support the development of leading enterprises, and jointly promote the development of key national forestry leading enterprises. It is necessary to implement dynamic evaluation management for key national forestry leading enterprises, establish and improve the elimination mechanism, continuously improve the quality of leading enterprises.