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Biomass pellet fuel

Biomass pellet fuel based agricultural and forestry residues (commonly known as "three residues") as raw material, after crushing, drying, granulation and other processes, and finally molded into environmentally friendly fuels.

Pellet fuel characteristics

1, biomass pellet fuel of high calorific value, combustion, carbon is a clean and renewable energy, as a boiler fuel, its long burn time, enhanced combustion chamber temperature is high, and affordable, while the environment pollution, is an alternative to conventional oil-based high-energy environmentally friendly fuel.

2, combustion, sulfur content, ash content, nitrogen content and so much lower than coal, oil and other carbon dioxide to achieve "zero" emissions, is an environmentally clean energy, enjoy the "green coal" reputation.

3, after forming a small fuel volume, density, ease of processing, conversion, storage, transport and continuous use;

Advantages pellet fuel

Wood biomass particles is an environmentally clean fuel. According to Ipsos report, compared with conventional fuels (such as coal), because the wooden biomass particles in solid, small volume ratio of coal to seal the parcels packaging, transportation and storage easier and help energy (electricity) companies to save costs ( because of its relatively low price compared with natural gas and oil), wood biomass particles in the transport, storage, flammability and emissions have a competitive advantage. Typically, the source of wood biomass particles of renewable energy, biological and wood residue (also known as the three residues, such as plywood from production processes are recycled and transformed residue, forestry and logging residue, bucking and machining residue remaining matter), can improve the efficiency of environmental resources. Further, according to the report Ipsos, wooden biomass particles contains no sulfur and phosphorus, and thus does not produce pollution gas components after combustion. These characteristics make environmentally friendly wood biomass particles become a symbol of a new generation of fuel.